Panel Transplant

Another panel that bummed me out. I liked the expression, but something wasn’t quite right. Like with the pendant/amulet panel, it seemed too important to feel “meh” about. So: emergency panel transplant surgery!


The Extraction. Hey, looks better already! with the tilt…

The Graft

The Transplant. Gonna wait till after the recipient panel gets inked to glue
the whole thing down.

2 thoughts on “Panel Transplant

  1. It’s very interesting to see how you are creating this art specifically for reproduction, with the cutting and pasting and whiting out and so on. I know that quite a few artists do that, but I have never ever been able to master anything well enough to do that. I just can’t wrap my head around it, and I am stubbornly and probably self-destructively attached to the idea that all of my art, even the comics, must look exactly the same on the original page as it does in the reproduction. So if I end up with something I don’t like, which is often, I can’t bear to fine tune things with white out or cropping and I just re-draw the whole thing. I don’t think that ennobles me at all, and I feel a little idiotic. I’m learning here.

  2. I was pretty hung up on having my originals be pristine and “gallery-ready”, but then I saw some Kirby or Ditko originals and they had plenty of white-out and tape and it got me thinking that the correcting and collaging is a glimpse into the process, rather than a blemish on the final art object. Al Columbia’s Pim and Francie book is a good example of this. Even Chris Ware uses white-out! Whatever it takes to make the picture look good.

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