DIY Econo Transparencies

Oversized transparencies are waaaaaay expensive to get printed – enough for me to work out the math of getting
transparencies printed vs buying a $2,000 plotter (verdict: I’d probably get the print-o-tron if I had a place to
put it). Enter good ol’ mineral oil ($7.49 at Rite Aid)! (Props to John “MacGuyver” Mejias for suggesting this.)
Slather it on a plain ol’ printout and you’ve got yourself a DIY Econo Transparency. I’m getting really good
exposures out of this method. Cons: a bit messy; also, mineral oil is usually stashed in the Laxatives section of
the drug store (“It’s for my artwork, honest!”).


Hana likes to be helpful…


…but labor-management relations soon break down, as she demands a Youtube break. Sigh, that’s alright,
Lady, Daddy’ll take it from here.