Hana Meme

Hana got this balloon thing from one of the street performers at Central
Park. Her expression is hilarious, and the lighting makes her look like
she’s been photoshopped into the scene. I couldn’t resist making a few
more versions of this hypothetical meme:


Hana at a Republican Debate


Hana at the Super Bowl


Hana at Occupy Wall Street


Hana in Star Wars

Hana at the Mall of America

The family spent a day at the Mall of America while I was installing. There really is an amusement park in the
mall. Here’s a kiddie version of the Freefall ride. Hana made the minimum height requirement by just a hair…

The Opening

Opening night!


(Child included for scale.)


Judy, me, Matt, and Zak… and Hana!


Hana spent some time handing out invitations…


…and entertaining the guests.


Yuka looking stylish. I couldn’t have finished the paintings without her help –
thanks, nya~ ( > ε < *)


Kiki and Zak.


Hana in the Screening Room… she’s actually standing in front of the audience, looking back at them (  ̄◇ ̄ ;; )


My parents and Hana. Check out the beautiful stained glass above the entrance.

Installation Views

And here’s the show! This is the view as you enter the Main Gallery. (Somehow I only managed to snag these blurry shots, ack. The lighting is way nicer IRL, too.)



The view from the opposite corner of the space. (Conference of the Birds is off-camera, to the left.)



This is the Project Space, showing Matt’s Blood Meridian drawings (left) and Pink Meteor prints (right).


There’s also a Reading Room, where Matt’s and my minicomics are available to peruse; and a Screening Room,
showing Amy Lockhart’s animated short The Collagist (featuring artwork by Marc Bell). The shows all go well
together, and the space is beautiful. Yay!