Graphic Canon Volume 1

The Graphic Canon Volume 1: From The Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to
Dangerous Liaisons
 (Seven Stories Press) (phew) comes out today! One of my
contributions, Outlaws of the Water Margin, is in this volume. I got my contributor’s
copy last week, and it looks really good – there’s a great diversity of styles that goes
well with the breadth of source material.


I’ll be attending a book launch / signing event at the Rubin Museum of Art tomorrow
(May 23). Come  by if you’re in the neighborhood!

How Six Made Good in the World (Page 1)

Finally! finished with this comic for the upcoming anthology Graphic Canon.
Here’s a sneak peek of page 1 (of 3). I like the density of it. And hopefully I
channeled some of my recent Dungeon reading into this (I was carrying
copies to and from the studio for more than a week).

Scroll down to see bigger versions…