Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney

Took the girls to the Yayoi Kusama show at the Whitney. Kiki liked the “bubbles”.


Hana gives Kiki a tour of the Accumulations room. “Look over there. Chair. Shoes.
Don’t go over the line.”


No New York retrospective of a Japanese artist would be complete without giant
inflated balls (cf. Takashi Murakami).

Installation Views

And here’s the show! This is the view as you enter the Main Gallery. (Somehow I only managed to snag these blurry shots, ack. The lighting is way nicer IRL, too.)



The view from the opposite corner of the space. (Conference of the Birds is off-camera, to the left.)



This is the Project Space, showing Matt’s Blood Meridian drawings (left) and Pink Meteor prints (right).


There’s also a Reading Room, where Matt’s and my minicomics are available to peruse; and a Screening Room,
showing Amy Lockhart’s animated short The Collagist (featuring artwork by Marc Bell). The shows all go well
together, and the space is beautiful. Yay!



The Install, Day 1

Got to Minneapolis 2 days before the opening.


I was worried about filling up the large space in the main gallery, but I think it turned out alright. The wall o’
Road of Knives was the trickiest bit…


So far, so good!