Dia: Beacon

Went up to Dia: Beacon with the girls. The highlight was definitely Richard Serra’s
Torqued Ellipses. (Hana was unimpressed with Dan Flavin and Donald Judd – she’s
already got a discerning eye!)

Hana and Kiki confront the Sublime inside a Torqued Ellipse.

cf. Hana’s reaction to Abstract Expressionism.

Kiki’s reaction was to repeatedly do her version of a “headstand”.

Camping! (Hana and Bubbles)

Camping with the kids (and our friends and their kids) in the Catskills. I was worried
about “roughing it” with 4 children under 4, until I heard showers and kitchens
being discussed in the planning.

Hana’s Stickers

Yuka’s been buying stickers for the kids at the dollar store. They come in booklets of
200+. This is the epic / frightening result…