DIY Econo Transparencies

Oversized transparencies are waaaaaay expensive to get printed – enough for me to work out the math of getting
transparencies printed vs buying a $2,000 plotter (verdict: I’d probably get the print-o-tron if I had a place to
put it). Enter good ol’ mineral oil ($7.49 at Rite Aid)! (Props to John “MacGuyver” Mejias for suggesting this.)
Slather it on a plain ol’ printout and you’ve got yourself a DIY Econo Transparency. I’m getting really good
exposures out of this method. Cons: a bit messy; also, mineral oil is usually stashed in the Laxatives section of
the drug store (“It’s for my artwork, honest!”).


Hana likes to be helpful…


…but labor-management relations soon break down, as she demands a Youtube break. Sigh, that’s alright,
Lady, Daddy’ll take it from here.

One thought on “DIY Econo Transparencies

  1. First of all, this post is awesome and so is Hana. Second of all, the whole process is fascinating. To someone like me who has only used pens, ink, colored pencils, and occasional acrylic, this is really amazing to see as it unfolds.

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